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We understand Property Management training

1234REO Property Management Training was started in 2007 in response to the collapse in the housing market. REO Prime Property Management looked at the opportunities in property preservation. We went to the HUD site and every other government website we could find, and we found a lot of information… and a lot of confusion. Our staff has taken that information, the guidelines and regulations, and organized it into a meaningful and useful course. We are contractors, businessmen, computer programmers, university professors, and realtors. When we started into property preservation we found that while the opportunities are limitless, the banks are very frustrated that the work was not being done properly and according to guidelines. Insurance companies are paying millions of dollars in claims for work done incorrectly. We worked with the banks and the insurers and HUD to get it right. Persons who complete our course know how to properly preserve the properties, and the work just keeps coming in. We constantly review the guidelines and regulations to present the most current correct information.


"This course gave me the confidence to start doing property preservation work. I am now working full time as a property preservationist. I would recommend this course to anybody."
  -Paul Bastante, Texas

"I had my doubts, but this course was excellent. I am now in the industry and I love it."
  -Kathleen Greer, Florida


We have contractor opportun-ities available in all 50 states, with immediate openings in Nebraska, West Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Iowa. Contact REO for more info.

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