Property Preservation training for Contractors

Property Preservation is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are currently more than 2 million foreclosed properties that need to be serviced.

Earning a Property Management Training Course Certificate (PMTC) is the first step toward a career in property preservation. Individuals with a PMTC certificate can choose to work in a number of different settings. A PMTC certificate program teaches students skills they will need in order to start and maintain a successful property preservation career. Contractors with basic skills can apply them to a career in any one of many specialty areas, either by yourself or with other companies. You may choose to start your own business with the freedom to set your own hours and fees. In order to become eligible for certification, students seeking a PMTC certificate must show thorough understanding of skills they will use in dealing with the HUD guidelines and day to day foreclosures.

The PMTC provides the flexibility of online learning and all the advantages of traditional courses. We package the information you need with the tools to run the business and access to the necessary contacts.

The 1234Reo Advantage allows you to:

There are thousands of contractors out there competing for this same work, but you will have an advantage if you know the basic HUD guidelines and FAA and VA regulations. You already own the tools and you have the tools. Let us teach you the regulations and supply the contacts. Learn how much you can charge for each service. Earning potential is virtually unlimited

About the course

Sean C. Madden Ph.D. describes the course in this 90 second video.

Ask the Professor.  Have question?  Contact us, and Sean will get back to you directly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The entire course takes 15 hours. Sign up for 30-days online access to the course for only $79.00. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we'll give you a full refund.

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"This course gave me the confidence to start doing property preservation work. I am now working full time as a property preservationist. I would recommend this course to anybody."
  -Paul Bastante, Texas

"I had my doubts, but this course was excellent. I am now in the industry and I love it."
  -Kathleen Greer, Florida


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